Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DC day 14

Today was certainly a better day than yesterday. I didn't have to call 911 so I declare it a success. Having said that, it was still pretty crappy. Both boys were crabby patties most of the day...I can't wait for this sickness to be done with.

Sawyer does not like tummy time. Not in any way.

And Colby was doing well with his lunch until he decided to play with his noodles. (note: those are ramen noodles. Yes, that is ALL we had in the house to eat)

Then somebody yelled at him for throwing noodles on the floor.

Finally, someone is happy. Probably because he has ridiculous, fluffy red hair.

Oh, a smile from him too.

Another meal, another bad attitude.

Dessert makes everything better. And he stole all the whipped cream.

A little bit o' sittin' up after dinner.

Big drooling baby chewing on his toy. And Sawyer has a toy, too.

Colby was mad that his "ool bus" was stolen.

But it tasted sooooooo good!

Oh, and here's a couple of videos from Sunday that I forgot to post. 

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