Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DC day 15

Everyone was feeling a lot better today so we went south and bought Colby some awesome Lightning McQueen light-up shoes, visited our new house, had some MickeyD's and went to the park in our subdivision. As far as playgrounds go, this one blows. But Colby still enjoyed it.


It should be noted that "Baby Soyo's" hat does not even come close to fitting his gigantic head. It's just kind of perched there on top.

Colby really enjoyed driving the "car". Big surprise there.

Colby wanted my attention so he declared that it was time for "baby done" swinging.

And anyone who knows Colby knows what happens when you take a full belly + a lot of running around + him gulping down a bunch of juice... 
That's right. I strapped him in his carseat and then he puked everywhere. This kid is so gross.
Oh well...back home again. 
Everyone needs a curtain rod sword and some borderline mad scientist hair.   
He just wishes he had some hair.   
You're probably tired of looking at messy-face Colby but that's pretty much his face every day. He is wearing vintage (from this afternoon) sweet and sour sauce this evening with a touch of ranch. Truly an inspiring combination.  
Oh, and in under an hour, Colby had the toes scraped off of his brand new shoes. :/ This is why I refuse to buy $50 Stride Rites.   

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