Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 85

Happy 4 Monthiversary, Colby!

Today was picture day, so we had our standard four month/fall pics taken plus his Christmas pics. They turned out amazing. We had the good photographer today, the one that did our one month photos, and she was wonderful. Such a difference between these and the past two months. I posted the best ones here and the rest will be on Facebook tomorrow. And of course the prints will be ready next week. Let's just hope Daddy doesn't find out how much I spent. Shhhhhhh...


 Was there ever a cuter baby? Ever?


This is probably my favorite one. Except for Santa's wonky thumb. Who has a thumb like that?!


It's been a busy and exhausting day looking adorable and the little man is worn out.

"Can't keep my eyes open. Night night, Daddy."

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 84

Today's theme: Colby's love affair with his chewy teething ring.

Here he is crashed out after breakfast. And his ring is safe and secure.

Hanging out in the swing...with his ring.

Alright. We took a break for a diaper change. He managed to survive without the ring.

He kept me company in the kitchen while I made some lunch. And the ring kept him company. You know, it's always in his left hand; I wonder if that means anything.

I was reaching for the potatoes (on top of the fridge) and discovered this creature. Remy scared the poop out of me. I had no idea this was one of his hidey places.

No more ring today after Steele decided it was his chew toy. Time to get out the Clorox. So as a distraction, we made it exercise time.

Doing some warm up stretches.

Here he is doing push-ups. They are girl push-ups on his knees, but I gave him a break since he is a baby after all.

Only 5 more reps to go. 

 Whew. That was tough. Break time.

And later...he's giving me an earful before bed. I'm not sure what he said since he was speaking Wookie. Maybe I'll figure it out someday.

"Daddy, I don't think she's listening to me. I keep telling her to get this booger out of my nose but she's not doing it!!! Oh well, goodnight."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 83

Colby is getting Christmas pictures taken on Tuesday, his 4 monthiversary. So of course he managed to slice up his nose this morning so badly it was bleeding. I have no idea where his razor sharp talons come from since I keep his nails nice and trim, but he always manages to get a good spot. It's like he knows...

So as punishment I made him jump.

Poor baby, he's taking it so hard.

I freed him so he could have a little snack. Index finger was on the menu today.

By midday, his cut was looking better. Maybe I won't have to break out the makeup after all.

Sir Pukes-A-Lot was on a roll again today. That bib was soaked, as was his outfit. But he still managed to be super smiley.

I had to break out the big bib to get us through the rest of the night without a jammie change. He immediately started eating it. He must have been hungry. 

And then he got a little crabby on me. Time for a bedtime snack, I guess.

"I don't wanna go to sleep. I don't wanna go to sleep. I don't wanna go to sleep. {grumble grumble} Goodnight, Daddy. {grumble}"

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 82

We spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's since we were up really late playing board games (that's right, it was a wild and crazy Friday) and I didn't really take many pics today. 

The puke monster was laying on the floor here after about his 50th clothing change. Guess who's doing laundry all day tomorrow.

Ranjit was the best this weekend. She absolutely loved playing with Colby and I loved the fact that I could pass him off to her.

* I only posted this because Ranjit thought it was funny when I told her how someone suggested this scenario. That and the fact that she doesn't even wear a bindi.

Back home and chillin' out on the couch. I certainly hope it will be an early night.

Getting ready for bed and loving naked baby time.

"Get in my belly!!!"

It's night night time. I'm ready whether he is or not.

"Mama says I have to go to bed. OK, guess I'll say goodnight, Daddy."

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 81

As I sluggishly recovered from my Thanksgiving Dinner coma this morning, Colby was up and ready to go. Way too early if you ask me.

I put him in his jumper and for the first time, he really enjoyed it. His feet don't quite touch the ground yet, but he really liked the toys. Yay for a distraction!

Since today was Uncle Luke's birthday, we headed down to Grandma and Grandpa's again. And when we got there, we tried out their jumper. Two for two!

It's birthday time!

Salad claws.

Drooling on Grandma.

Pulling Great Grandma Coke's finger. I warned him not to do it.

He looks so sassy with a bow.

Aaaaaaaand........he's out.

"Oh, man, way too much birthday cake. I gotta get some sleep, Daddy. 'Night."