Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 147

Happy 6 Monthiversary to Colby!

Today was pretty busy. We had to run out and get his picture taken and try to beat the impending ice storm. Once we were home, we just got cozy and settled for what will probably be 3 days of riding out the forecasted blizzard.

His first drink of apple juice from a sippy cup. Yum. He cried when I took it away.

Could those dimples be any deeper?

What an amazing 6 months these have been with this smiley little monster.

"Night night, Daddy. I might be 6 months old now, but I still have to go to bed early."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 146

I was greeted with a BIG smile this morning.

He was trying to do a back flip off of the changing table.

Getting in a little jumping for exercise.

Eating a banana today.

And the handle.

Fresh out of the bath with his hair sticking up.


And then it was sleepy time.

"G'night, Daddy. I'm really sleepy...that bedtime baby bath stuff really works."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 145

The topic of today's blog: What not to feed your baby.

#1 - Twizzlers.

He will love them. He will suck and slurp until he's covered in orange goo. And he will be upset when you take them away. And then Grandma will be responsible for cleaning him up.

#2 - Kittens.

First off, there's really not enough meat on their bones...too much work for so little payoff. Secondly, they are too fuzzy - definitely worse than eating a peach. However, he's not nearly as upset when the kitten was removed from his mouth so it was an easier task than the Twizzlers. 

#3 - Potato Chips.

Although the blue can is a really fascinating toy, all the shaking can cause the chips to crumble inside. And then, because they are so salty, the baby gets really thirsty. And then all he wants is a drink.

#4 - Beer.

So what happens? You end up buying him beer all night long. It gets expensive. But at least he has good taste. He wanted none of that nasty Miller stuff. 

But the payoff is a full tummy + a bunch of beer = a sleepy baby. He ended up sleeping through most of trivia and that allowed mama to drink beer and eat chips and twizzlers. But I stayed away from the kittens. They were too messy.

"I might be drunk, Daddy, so I'm just gonna close my eyes for just a little while. Goodnight...."

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 144

So, yeah...he stole my soda. Literally ripped it out of my hand. I had to hurry up and put the lid on it because he shoved it in his mouth.

He just couldn't figure out how to get that damn lid off and get a drink.

"Seriously, what?"

 Crap. He's already into licking toads.

He likes his ball.

He can apparently curl his tongue.

And super happy baby at bedtime.

"Tonight is a much better night than last night. See you tomorrow. G'night, Daddy."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 143

In case anybody noticed that these are different PJs than what he went to bed in it's because he puked all over everything. Twice! Not reflux but projectile vomit all over himself. Me. The bed. Everything. Twice. I got him all cleaned up, changed the bedding, changed me and then....the volcano erupted again. Luckily, he had no fever, stopped vomiting and woke up chipper.

More shenanigans.

Where did his neck go?

He looks focused...and angry.

And then the day went downhill.

 Finally, a happier mood.

Because he sees...

THE BEST THING EVER!!! I bought a fresh food feeder and put a couple of chunks of frozen mango in it. He was so content and gummed that mango into oblivion.

And then we were back to pissy. I had the audacity to put him down for a minute.

OK, gotta put this baby to bed.

"I. Am. So. Pissed. She put me down. SHE PUT ME DOWN! Fine. Whatever. Goodnight, Daddy."