Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 176


He slept in the crib last night. He fell asleep on me at around 8pm and I put him to bed at 11pm and he slept until almost 8am! He didn't even wake up. SUCCESS! Let's hope it lasts.

This is how I found him this morning. He apparently did a lot of turning and scooting throughout the night.

Silly boy.

I had a busy day and not a lot of pictures were taken. But basically he ate and slept and fussed and played. And pooped. Let's not forget about that.

I put him in the crib at 8pm and he woke up at 11pm. He was awake just long enough to cry and make me go in there. As I was changing him, he was laughing...in his sleep.

"I had to make her come in here. She was enjoying herself too much without me. But she put me back to bed anyway. Alone. In this dark room. By myself. I'm gonna have to wake her up at about 3am. Goodnight, Daddy."

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