Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 185

He discovered the joys of beating the crap out of the penguin.

Love that smiley face.

I heard Steele make this ungodly screech/moan/cry from the kitchen so I went in to investigate. He was sitting on the window sill watching these two mock him. Smug little bastards. They just glared at him as they flaunted their freedom. That's OK, they probably don't have their human trained to play with the laser like he does.

And a series of pictures as he was playing quietly by himself. He really loves all his toys. He explores and explores and always finds something new.

He dumped out all of his blocks so he could play with the empty container.

He had a little bedtime snack of frozen pineapple and mango since he didn't want to eat dinner. Yummmmm.

Sleepy yawn. He's making me tired just looking at him. Time for bed.

"So I've learned that if I don't eat my veggies she will give me frozen fruit to chew on. Score! 'Night, Daddy!"

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