Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 152

Colby has just about mastered sitting up. He still can't sit up on his own (that would require him to actually do something whilst laying down on the floor) but he played on the floor for at least an hour today. The boppy pillow is not helping him sit, it's just there for insurance to keep him from cracking his skull on the floor.

He really likes his music station. And oh my goodness, it's annoying.

Notice in the previous pictures how empty his lap is. I left him like this and went into the kitchen for a few minutes. When I came back, he had a lap full of toys. He just leaned over and grabbed everything within his reach. With the exception of the big ball. I did give him that because it was behind him.

There was a landslide and all his toys fell to the side. Don't worry, he just leaned over and scooped them up again.

We just got back from trivia and he was sporting his new camo hat Grandma got him. Such a little redneck. 

Oh, so happy to get unbundled.

Crazy hair! He's a head-sweater.

It didn't take him long to crash once he got settled.

Snuggled up with his blankie.

"They lost again at trivia, Daddy. I think they need you back. Goodnight!"

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