Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 163

Is that little monkey butt scooting across the floor?

Nope. He's a quitter. But he did roll over on his own.

But I was mean and put him back on his belly.

Here he is NOT taking his nap. I just don't know why he wont. I mean, he's got it all, comfy swing, soft blankie, cuddle lamb and his paci. And someone begging him to relax for a couple of hours. What's wrong with this boy?

Yelling at me.

Then sticking his tongue out (sideways).

 All settled in for the night. I am, at least. He's still full of energy.

"Mama's making me go to bed now since I didn't take a nap. Totally not fair. 'Night, Daddy/"

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