Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 174

Let the baby-proofing begin. I don't even know how he reached this trash can, but obviously I'm getting rid of the plastic bag in it. Did he not read the box? It clearly states that he, as a baby, is supposed to keep away from it. A garbage bag is NOT a toy, Colby.

I don't think he was happy I snatched him up from the jumper after the trash can incident.

I love the defiance in his eyes. Oh, Colby, you will nap. After all, you can't resist the sweet seduction of the swing with it's rhythmic lullaby. I will win this battle.

And here he is about a half an hour later. Playing on the floor. No nap was necessary as it turns out.

So here he is on my lap (in the recliner). He flipped over and crawled down to my feet. And fell asleep.


"Um, Daddy, can you please telly Mama to get a pedicure. It's pretty gross down here. So I'm just gonna go to sleep 'cause I can't stand it anymore. Night night."

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