Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 171

Isn't he a little young for screaming at the television? I think he gets that from Grandpa. Damn you, Glenn Beck!

Just kidding. He was telling Donald Duck to shut the hell up. He's so annoying.

He's spending less time on my lap and more time on the floor. And liking it!

He rolled over both directions today several times. It's about time, baby.

He fought this nap for about an hour. In fact, I had to sit the seat up from the reclined position because he was holding himself upright. So finally, after 2 episodes of SpongeBob (so I could get some work done), he decided he'd had enough.

Back on the floor again. He's really into his toys now.

Poor baby was so sleepy after an evening of running around. Hope he sleeps well tonight.

"Just completely exhausted. I'm out. G'night, Daddy."

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