Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 22

Not much to write about today. I was supposed to go and have my postpartum glucose tolerance test done today to see if I still have the beetus, but because someone kept me up most of the night, I rescheduled it for tomorrow. So we just hung around the house all day.


That's a bumblebee joke.

This pic was snapped mid poop. He's putting forth a lot of effort and concentration.

Doing a little wiggling on the floor.

Goofy face #1.

Goofy face #2.

Big, wet, drooly smile.

Winding down in his baseball PJs. 

And tucked in for the night in his swing. He was pleading with me to hold him some more. Just look at those eyes. Can you feel the guilt?

"She abandoned me, Daddy. So I guess I'll just go to sleep now. Goodnight."

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