Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 16

Today started out A-OK.

Yup, feeling pretty good. We went for a pedicure today and again, he charmed the ladies. But really, how could they resist this face?

After lunch, he had some playtime on the floor. Steele joined in the fun.

And then we flipped over for some tummy time...he's still not crazy about it.

He does, however, like sitting up in his seat. And he's getting pretty good at it.

I can't decide why he's so mad at me. Is it because I dressed him like a farmer or because he's wearing silly, striped socks that are obviously too small for him?

Either way, he forgave me and we hung out for a while on the couch. With Remington.

And this was right before he kicked the cat in the head. You can see it in his eyes...he knew what he was doing.

Time for Colby and his big fat belly to go to bed. Seriously, he's got a mighty beer belly going.

" full. Time to say goodnight Dad."

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