Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 24

Awwww. Some days I like the cats. This is what I found when I first got up this morning. Steele is actually bigger than Remy and he's on his lap. Poor kitty.

Colby is 2 months old today and we were heading out to get his picture taken. We had a talk and agreed that he would be good and smile for the camera.

"Sure, whatever."
He apparently changed his mind. He did not crack a smile all afternoon. Until we got home, that is.

Here's my big boy trying to sit up by himself. OK, he had a little help from the boppy pillow.

Just chillin'.

Getting ready for bed. His hair cannot be tamed.

He's almost asleep, but he's still working that pacifier.

"Night night, Daddy"

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