Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 3

I really wanted to go for a walk this morning and enjoy the 66 degree weather, but alas, it rained. Maybe tomorrow. But despite the overcast and gloomy weather, the cool temperature made for a great day with the windows open. 

Colby enjoyed the morning as well.

Then the cats had to ruin my mood. What part of "stay out of the crib" do they not understand?

We should have named him Defiant.

And he is supposed to be the good one.

 Then later, a trip to WalMart. And it was exhausting.

And as the day winds down...

"Oh, I am soooo tired."
"I. Am. Pissed. Off. Get the friggin' camera out of my face, mom!"
"OK, this is a little better."
"I'm so sleepy. G'night, Dad."

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