Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 10

This morning got off to a messy start. I think he may have been drunk.

"Oh, I'm going to have such a hangover later."
How cute is this baby? I think I spent half the day holding him but how could I resist?

Just chillin'.

There's gonna be a dead cat soon.

I'm not sure what this face is.

He might be getting ready to punch me.

A little bit of play mat time. He looks mesmerized.

We were playing the game "mommy puts the pacifier in my mouth and I spit it out". So much fun.

Next thing I know, he grabbed it and put it back in his mouth by himself! He's been holding onto the ribbon/tab on the pacifier for a while and uses it to pull it out of his mouth but this was the first time he actually guided into his own mouth!!! My big boy! This was right after he did it...wish I had it on video.

Well, it's been a long day of...well...cuteness, I guess. Bedtime and he's looking sleepy.

"G'night, Daddy."

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