Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 26

It was such a crisp and cool autumn morning that I had to dig in the closet for some warm and fuzzy clothes for the little guy. I think today was really the first day it was cool enough to wear them. He was so soft and snuggly.

He was trying so hard to sit up while on my lap that I broke out his little seat again. He's getting better although he was obviously leaning here. He just kept bobbing back and forth; his neck muscles are getting really strong.

I know this video is a little long, but he was just so cute I couldn't turn off the camera. He's grunting and talking and wiggling and looking around. I guess the world looks different when you're sitting upright.

After sitting up for a while, he decided to spit up all over the place. It's a good thing that little seat is easy to clean. So, after a quick costume change, it was floor time. Although he's more content on both his back and belly now, there is no sign of him even thinking about rolling over.

Giant Colby face.

Boy, what a long day. He fell asleep before I could get his PJs on and change him, but luckily, he woke up all smiles.

"Oh...gotta get back to sleep. Goodnight, Daddy."

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