Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 31

I was a sucky blogger today. I took almost no photos and I captured no smiles in the ones I did take. 

We spent the morning at the lab so I could have another glucose tolerance test to ensure I don't really have diabeetus. And I forgot my camera. I took a couple of photos after I got home and then the battery died. And then we went out again...without the camera. So, yeah, I suck. But I promise to make up for it tomorrow. I promise lots of smiles and dimples. 

We just got home this morning and he was still very sleepy from his nap.

He's a little more awake now, but not particularly pleased.

I did take a little video, though. I may have caught a smile after all.

This was the midst of a big, sleepy stretch.

Getting ready for bed and still not cracking a smile. I think it was because I just woke him up to change him. 

And now he's drifting back to sleep. Those eyes keep closing on him.

"I promise I will smile for you tomorrow, Daddy. Goodnight."

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