Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 62

Wow, it was definitely a lazy Sunday. Colby didn't accomplish anything today. He couldn't even eat breakfast without falling asleep.

OK, he's awake now.

His belly is so fat that his shirt cannot contain it.

We spent some time hanging out on the floor today and he enjoyed it. For a while.

Tummy time!

He's still doing crying!'s the tears. He's had enough of being on his belly. 

We tried some rice cereal for the first time tonight. I'm hoping it helps his reflux a little. Most of it ended up on him, but he did enjoy it, I think. Imagine that, Colby enjoying food. And then EVERYTHING came back up, and that probably included most of his evening Zantac. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.


It's been a long day of doing very little. Little man is tuckered out.

"I'm sleepy, Daddy. Goodnight."

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