Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 72

Colby woke up smiling but then his demeanor changed. He was a little moody today.

Notice the head off the chair back? He was trying to sit up. I'm not quite sure where he was going.

I decided to give cloth diapering another try. So today I used nothing but cloth. Not very successful, but awfully cute.

He's not really sure about this. He's wondering where his trim "sposies" are.

My sad little football player.

He absolutely refused to smile for me.

And more stubborn, uncooperative behavior. He was trying to wriggle off my lap.

I told him his shirt says to be happy. 

He's thinking about it.

There we go.

Notice all the wardrobe changes today? Yeah, cloth diapers.

I can't decide if he looks like a leprechaun or the Jolly Green Giant in those jammies.

"I'm jolly...right, Daddy? OK, goodnight."

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