Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 65

I didn't take a lot of pictures today because we were out and about. One of the stops we made was the doctor. Colby had to get weighed to see if there needed to be an adjustment in his Zantac dosage. He weighed in at a whopping 15lb 4oz and measured 25 1/4"- 25 1/2". I'm not certain on his length because he was too wiggly and the nurse wouldn't help me. His last weight was 13lb 5oz at 9 weeks (he's 14 weeks right now) and that means he's gained an average of 6.2oz a week. Textbook perfect!

He had a lot to say this afternoon.

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig stretches.

We had some quality floor time this afternoon and he was feeling pretty good.

And then the frustration set in.

I'm pretty sure he was cussing me out.

After throwing such a fit, he needed a little nap. So here he is peacefully napping in his swing.

Oh, look how tired he is. It was a long day and the little guy is pooped.

"Goodnight, Daddy. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

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