Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 85

Happy 4 Monthiversary, Colby!

Today was picture day, so we had our standard four month/fall pics taken plus his Christmas pics. They turned out amazing. We had the good photographer today, the one that did our one month photos, and she was wonderful. Such a difference between these and the past two months. I posted the best ones here and the rest will be on Facebook tomorrow. And of course the prints will be ready next week. Let's just hope Daddy doesn't find out how much I spent. Shhhhhhh...


 Was there ever a cuter baby? Ever?


This is probably my favorite one. Except for Santa's wonky thumb. Who has a thumb like that?!


It's been a busy and exhausting day looking adorable and the little man is worn out.

"Can't keep my eyes open. Night night, Daddy."

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