Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 75

Look who just woke up, eye boogers and all.

And fast forward a few hours...look who just woke up (from a nap). Hmmm, guess I should have taken some more pictures this morning.

That's quite a serious face for a silly monkey.

Alright, here's some silliness peeking through.

Back home from a trip to WalMart. He had 3 women hitting on him. One lady was drooling over his pretty blue eyes. He told her to back off. He was with me!

Stretchy time.

"Damn paparazzi. Always following me everywhere."
"Look. Pants."

Although it may look like he was smiling, don't let him fool you. He was fussing up a storm. I had the audacity to go into the kitchen. He was trying really hard to work up a cry, but he just didn't have it in him.

He's happy to see me, but still mad.

So of course, I picked him up and on my lap he went. And then we had spit bubbles.

Sleepy time. He was in his jammies and on my lap for a bedtime snack. If you look closely you can see a long hair on the paci/in his mouth. I wonder what ever became of that hair...

"Night night, Daddy. I've got a hair to chew on now. It'll keep me busy all night."

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