Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 84

Today's theme: Colby's love affair with his chewy teething ring.

Here he is crashed out after breakfast. And his ring is safe and secure.

Hanging out in the swing...with his ring.

Alright. We took a break for a diaper change. He managed to survive without the ring.

He kept me company in the kitchen while I made some lunch. And the ring kept him company. You know, it's always in his left hand; I wonder if that means anything.

I was reaching for the potatoes (on top of the fridge) and discovered this creature. Remy scared the poop out of me. I had no idea this was one of his hidey places.

No more ring today after Steele decided it was his chew toy. Time to get out the Clorox. So as a distraction, we made it exercise time.

Doing some warm up stretches.

Here he is doing push-ups. They are girl push-ups on his knees, but I gave him a break since he is a baby after all.

Only 5 more reps to go. 

 Whew. That was tough. Break time.

And later...he's giving me an earful before bed. I'm not sure what he said since he was speaking Wookie. Maybe I'll figure it out someday.

"Daddy, I don't think she's listening to me. I keep telling her to get this booger out of my nose but she's not doing it!!! Oh well, goodnight."

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