Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 86

Let's all just pretend that I actually posted this last night when I was supposed to, OK? I was super busy with a house full of kids and by the time they left and I got Colby into bed, I was done. There was no blogging, only bed. 

So let us reflect on the 1st day of December...

Colby woke up extremely happy. I'm guessing because it's officially Christmastime! And it's the most wonderful time of the year.

 He's so alert aware of everything around him.

"Oh, hello there."
Bouncing away like a wild man.

Part of the reason I was so busy? A cat demanding his dinner.

So yes, we skipped much of the day. I'll sum it up for you: smiling, laughing, eating, drooling, barfing, pooping. And throw in a couple of naps.

"I've gotta get some sleep, Daddy. These neighbor kids wore me out! Goodnight."

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