Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 101

It was a nasty, nasty day and the world was frozen over. I didn't leave the house for fear of serious bodily injury slipping on the ice. Instead, Colby and I stayed home and practiced our bird calls. Ca-Caw!

He was a pretty happy boy today. BIG improvement over yesterday.


Just awake from a nap already talking to me.

 Jumpin' away.

"Look! I can take my bib off. Mama will be so happy."

Friday is garbage day and I had to take the trash to the street. I put it off all day long but it had to be done since there was a ton (thanks to a thorough garage cleaning). So while I was sliding the trash bags down the driveway on the ice (literally), a certain baby was in the house screaming at the top of his lungs because I abandoned him. I could hear him out in the street. Poor little guy. He was upset with me for a while.

Anybody wanna make a bet on when he will get a toe in his mouth? I'm thinking any day now.

It was finally bedtime and once again, Colby would not settle down. He was on my lap, supposedly drifting off to sleep, when he decided it was time to sit up. Great.

"I was just trying to watch TV. I love Top Chef! 'Night, Daddy."

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