Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 91

Somebody needs to tell this baby that he CANNOT sit up yet. He won't even kick back and relax in his bouncer right now because he's too busy trying to get out of it!

I failed to get a picture of it, but earlier he was almost sideways, head off the side and had his head support pillow in his mouth chewing on it. That's what I get for walking out of the room for 5 seconds. I need a shoulder harness on this thing.

We're on our way to the Dr. to get vaccines. I tried to tell him not to be so happy about it but he wouldn't listen.

Back home again and he's not hurting too badly...yet.

We had some dinner and he enjoyed his sweet potatoes. A little too much since they are still on his forehead.

Poor widdle baby.

"Look at my boo-boos."
Getting ready for bed and it was impossible to get a smile. He spent most of the evening on me sleeping. Let's hope he sleeps tonight.

"Daddy, she wants me to go to bed but she still hasn't washed the sweet potato off of my face yet. Ugh. 'Night."

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