Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 92

We had a good, uneventful morning. He had his first breakfast, then his second breakfast, then I guess to make room for lunch, he purged. That is not cereal on his face.

So after we got him all cleaned up, he decided it was time to be shy. He sure does love his bibs.

Where's Colby?

Oh, I see him...

There he is!

OK, I play this game a little too often, I think.

Grandpa and Uncle Josh came over and put our Christmas tree in a stand. Tomorrow we decorate!

Colby just told me he has no intentions of decorating. Men!

So not only was he so generous as to barf everywhere this morning, he gifted me with the poops tonight. And as it turned out, I didn't fasten the diaper correctly, because aside from his clothing, my shirt, pants, blanket & boppy pillow were covered. It was a poopsplosion!

And this goofy grin was right after he filled his/my pants and I got us cleaned up. I think he was proud.

 Now that the work is done, he's ready to check out for the night.

"Can't keep my eyes open, Daddy. Goodnight."

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