Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 87

Today was Colby's 4 month well baby Dr. visit. He's doing perfectly well and the Dr. said he looked great. And quite handsome to boot.

Nov 17th (2 weeks ago)
15 lb 4 oz
25 1/4" long

15 lb 9 oz - 50th-75th percentile
26 1/4" long - 90th-95th percentile
17" head circumference - 50th-75th percentile

His weight gain has slowed down a little. He was averaging a gain of 6 oz per week and he's only gained 5 oz in the last two weeks. But that's perfectly fine as he is still growing (and still above the curve)....1 inch in length in 15 days! Holy crap!!! And we go back Monday for immunizations. That should be loads of fun.

Here he is getting ready to get a bath for his Dr. appointment. He loves naked/bath time.

And on the cold table waiting to be poked and prodded. It was chilly in the exam room but he would not keep his blanket on. At one point I had him wrapped up in 2 blankets and he still kicked and pulled himself free. He's a claustrophobic exhibitionist.


Back at home and bouncing away.

"So. Much. Fun!"
This is one of his 9 month outfits that barely fits. He was swimming in it a few weeks ago. Santa may have to bring him some new clothes at this rate.

He had some time in his jumper before bed.

It's not looking good...

Aaaaand here's the meltdown. 

Alright. He was officially tired. PJ time.

"Jumping just wears me out, Daddy. I can't help it. G'night!"

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