Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 94

This is how the day started. And so it began...

I had a slight reprieve from the clinging and crying. But that was just because he was on my lap.

He took a 10 minute break and decided he liked the elephant.

And then he was done. He sat up and walked away.

Just kidding, he didn't get up by himself, he made ME pick him up.

There's that finger again!

He's soaking wet from spitting up all over himself, but awfully happy.

"Do you see any teeth yet?"
I finally got the tree decorated, well mostly decorated. This year I'm putting out about 1/3 of my Christmas stuff. I figure since it took me 2 days to trim the tree there was just no way I could get everything done with a baby who won't let me put him down. Definitely not going to get the outside done unless the decoration fairies drop by and help me out. And the cats are out to destroy my inside stuff and I just can't handle them on my own without destroying them.

This is Colby's first ornament per his Daddy's request.

I think I need to buy him some bigger socks.

And we end the day like we started it. He's definitely not a happy camper.

This is why he's not allowed to sleep with a blanket. Although that's exactly how I like to sleep.

"I'm so warm and comfy. G'night, Daddy."

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