Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 116

It's New Year's Eve and Colby's 5 monthiversary. And he woke up in a pleasant mood.

Maybe it wasn't such a pleasant mood after all.

False alarm. He's OK. I just told him we were going to get his picture taken again.

He was such a good boy posing for his pictures today. He smiled and managed to not barf all over his clothes. Instead, he waited until he got home for that.

Look who's a Cardinal's fan!

"Hey Colby! What do you think of the Brewers?"

We went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Shirley's house for New Year's Eve food and games. And because it was a late night, Colby slept in his swing. Well, he was supposed to be sleeping.

Alright, the sleeping thing didn't work so instead he played board games with us.

It was late and everyone was tired. Everyone except Colby.

"I'm not tired at all Daddy. I'll see you next year! Goodnight!!!

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